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Stephan Petrowitsch

“When you enter India, you’ll find a lot of people claiming they are gurus or masters. But most of them are just teachers. When I met Swami Omkarananda, it was clear very fast, that he’s not one of the guys talking out of book-wisdom, but he’s speaking from experience, which he gained through spiritual practice under guidance of enlightened masters. So if you come to Rishikesh, I would definitely recommend anyone to get to know him, to see, whether he could be the person to be guided for a small or even bigger part of your life.”

Stephan Petrowitsch
Movie maker, Director and photographer,Munich, Germany

Adi Vajra Marino

There are many teachers and yogis who have lots of knowledge and experience, but few teachers embody the unconditional love and joy of God in the way that Swamiji does.

It is clear when you spend even a little time with him that he is a dear friend, a master, and a Guru.

His undeniable wisdom and warm compassion are deeply profound and powerful to be around.  In Swami's presence it is natural to be at peace, it is easy to love, his very presence encourages one to abide in Truth.

In addition to being an example of wisdom and love, he is incredibly intelligent, well spoken, and tremendously knowledgeable.

Swami's gifts are many, his experience is extensive, his knowledge is complete, and his heart is genuine; however, despite so much experience and depth he remains simple, sweet, and deeply humble.

It is a rare gift to meet someone like Swami Omkarananda, one feels in meeting a master like him that grace itself has appeared as a human being to guide others to liberation and realization.

I know that I will be forever grateful for having had the company of such a sage, master, and dear friend.  Those who have this great good fortune are blessed by his Divine presence.

Adi Vajra Marino
Hood River, Oregon USA

Rosana Melo, Brazil

“SWAMI OMKARANANDA é um excelente professor… Eu aprendi muito com ele… neste Retiro em Rishikesh – INDIA… não somente sobre Meditação… mas também sobre VIDA… seus ensinamentos e exemplos durante as classes trouxeram-nos uma melhor consciência… de maneira que nós pudemos compreender melhor a nós mesmos… Muito obrigada SWAMIJI!!!
Nós como ESTUDANTES… fomos abençoados de ter tido você como nosso PROFESSOR…

Rosana Melo

Crystal Borup

I feel very blessed to have met Swami Omkarananda and honored to have had the opportunity to learn from him. It's rare to find someone with his knowledge, experience and wisdom, along with an incredible sense of humor. But most importantly it's his heart that makes him so unique.

He radiates so much love and compassion. There are no words to accurately describe a man like Sawmi Omkarananda. He has deeply touched my heart and I will forever be grateful.

Crystal Borup
Yoga Teacher, Website Designer · Hood River, Oregon, USA

Alisha Hawrylyszyn, New York City,USA

“Swami Omkaranada provided me with the proper tools and guidance in order for me to discover my spiritual path. His warm presence and big heart shined upon each and every one of his students. I, like many, am forever grateful to have worked with such an enlightened soul.”

Alisha Hawrylyszyn
New York City,USA

Fernanda, from Nicaragua

“On August 2012, I had the great opportunity of meting Swami Omkarananda, the little great man. Through his teachings of meditation and introspection, I was able to start knowing myself and start learning to live in the present moment. I am more than greatful to you Swami Omkarananda, for being such a great friend through this process.”

from Nicaragua

Joyce Guimaraes

It’s very difficult to write about that I felt when I was with Swami Omkarananda, his knowledge and teachings will go through our soul. I learnd very much and many things about myself –  he made me see inside when we praticed meditation. Meditating with his orientation was anincredible experience.

Not only meditation but to study The Bhagavad Gita and hear his own experiences.  Living at now and forever was the main and most important teaching.

He enphasized that we should keep  our mind in peace and in equilibrium in all situations, pleasure or pain.

Swamiji is a great Master of meditation and a special teacher with whom I was lucky to have met in a wonderful moment of my life.

Thanks to our beloved Swamiji Omkarananda. You are very important for me and for my learning, although I known that as much as I know, more I know that I know    nothing!

Joyce Guimaraes
Jaraguá do Sul, Brazil

Malcolm Peterson

No ‘Google guru’ is Swami Omkaranada!  A teacher, mentor and friend: to many, including, and I am blessed, myself. He lives the life he teaches and his wisdom and words tell, that here there is a man who teaches from his own personal experiences, unfettered with dogma and blind faith, directly from his heart.
If you too have been seeking an answer to the question, “Who am I,” here is a guru who will provide you with the tools you need to discover who you truly are, and with that joy, you will also be able to share this with a world, which is truly in need of healing. Namaste Swami.

Saw Map
Byrne, Kwazulu-Natal, South Africa

Rosalinda Dehoyos

I studied with Swami Omkarananda in August of 2012 during a yoga course at a school in Rishikesh which ended up being much more than a yoga course. My favorite teacher and favorite class was Swami's philosophy class. Not only was his English understandable but the way he related the topics to help understand was great.

He is very professional in terms of Western mind and does not leave behind the customs of his county such as prayer before teaching. I appreciated his honesty with the way this particular school was running things.

I look back at our fond memories of learning, discussing and laughing with great joy. One phrase he told me on a day I was having trouble with some bad news I received was to never push people away but rather keep them at a safe distance. I now understand why and it makes sense.

Whom ever is reading this, please take my word, if you are considering taking refuge under a master, you have found a great one. Lucky you! Rosalinda

Rosalinda Dehoyos

Ruth Livneh

Swami Omkarnanda, I want to thank you for your wisdom and  meditation classes. What I take with me from the class, for the rest of my life, is the compassionate way in which you directed the classes, always with an inner smile, always from  a soft, loving, not judging place. I learned a lot from the way you laugh, about approaching life with an inner smile. Your knowledge is wide and you share it generously, but with modesty. It was a gift to meditate under your guidance, always with shining eye always with care. Thank you

Ruth Livneh
Jerusalem, Israel