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Fernanda, from Nicaragua

“On August 2012, I had the great opportunity of meting Swami Omkarananda, the little great man. Through his teachings of meditation and introspection, I was able to start knowing myself and start learning to live in the present moment. I am more than greatful to you Swami Omkarananda, for being such a great friend through this process.” Fernanda, from Nicaragua

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Joyce Guimaraes, Jaraguá do Sul, Brazil

It’s very difficult to write about that I felt when I was with Swami Omkarananda, his knowledge and teachings will go through our soul. I learnd very much and many things about myself – he made me see inside when we praticed meditation. Meditating with his orientation was anincredible experience. Not only meditation but to study The Bhagavad Gita and hear his own experiences. Living at now and forever was the main and most important teaching. He enphasized that we should keep our mind in peace and in equilibrium in all situations, pleasure or pain. Swamiji is a great Master of meditation and a special teacher with whom I was lucky to have met in a wonderful moment of my life. Thanks to our beloved Swamiji Omkarananda. You are very important for me and for my learning, although I known that as much as I know, more I know that I know nothing!    Joyce Guimaraes Jaraguá do Sul, Brazil

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