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Tapasyalayam – Centre for Meditation and Applied Spirituality.  Through meditation and other spiritual practices, Tapasyalayam aims to correlate our ancient wisdom with modern science and thus create spiritual innovation in our day to day life.

Considering the busy life one has to live in the present world of rapid technological inventions, Tapasyalayam aims to emphasize upon innovating the ancient wisdom and make it relevant. Thus, bringing the benefits of our ancient wisdom practices to the modern day life in a practical way and harmonise our lives and prepare us for the modern day challenges and make our life meaningful/purposeful.


Life in the modern age has become particularly trying and problematic. Though it remains a fact that the standard of living has generally improved, man is still suffering immensely under the weight of present-day living. The physical condition of man has been reduced to such a pathetic level that he succumbs to untimely physical ailments to an unprecedented degree. Mentally, one is so stress/tension-ridden that he has forgotten the art of relaxing, and one cannot even enjoy sound sleep without the aid of tranquilizers. In this set up interpersonal relations have become very brittle and vulnerable. Thus, it is letting loose a whole series of other social problems. Life has become a problematic burden and a solution to make life more tolerable and enjoyable is a great pressing need.

As someone very rightly said “If you are not part of the solution you are still part of the problem”. What is the solution then? Is there any?

Today, Scientific researches have established that the spiritual practices that our ancients practiced are very very helpful in dealing with these stressful conditions. Our ancient wisdom is of everlasting value and universal applicability, and it is not only for monks and full time spiritual practitioners but also to the lay public as well. It is very essential to find teachings from our ancient wisdom and make them relevant to our present-day problems.

This is where Tapasyalayam would play a role in helping individuals and families around the world who are struggling to integrate the demands of work, the needs of home and community life and the challenges of present day problems.

It is our considered opinion that our ancient wisdom offers adequate insight to meet the demands of the present-day problems as well. Tapasyalayam will work ceaselessly to reveal the secrets of the ancient mysticism and spiritual practices to the modern minds through spiritually innovative methods and techniques with a touch of scientific researches. Our aim is to enable todays individuals to use science as a stepping stone to understand and make the ancient practices relevant in their day to day life.

Through our workshops and courses, the benefits of the ancient spiritual practices can be harnessed for leading a happy life in the present-day world.