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Tapasyalayam—a centre for Meditation and Applied Spirituality

Through Meditation and other spiritual practices, Tapasyalayam aims to correlate our ancient wisdom with modern science and create spiritual innovation in our day to day life.


Dhyan PraveshikaDhyan Parveshika

Meditation should be a part of everyone’s life. It is not just for the saints and seekers sitting in the Himalayan Mountains. Knowingly or unknowingly every being on the earth is moving towards realizing the Self. Meditation is an invaluable… Read More

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Enlightenment without Godfeatured_enlightenment

Our disdain for organised religion sometimes keeps our inner spiritual being from awakening. We dislike the word “God” and keep away from the knowledge and learning of the “ultimate truth”. In this retreat we don’t condemn God or the great messengers of truth… Read More

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Ex to Nextfeatured_extonext

How to heal yourself and move on after the end of a close relationship. Whether you’ve recently experienced an emotional upset, break up, divorce, or you have been carrying the pain of old wounds for a long time, EX to Next will help you rediscover joy and… Read More

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Our Teachers

Swami Omkaranand ji
Swami Omkaranand jiTeacher
Swami Omkarananda  grew up around the great lady saint of India, Ma Anandamayi. As a student of engineering he had a very close association with Gurudev … Read More


Stephan Petrowitsch

“When you enter India, you’ll find a lot of people claiming they are gurus or masters. But most of them are just teachers. When I met Swami Omkarananda, it was clear very fast, that he’s not one of the guys talking out of book-wisdom, but he’s speaking from experience, which he gained through spiritual practice under guidance of enlighte...

Stephan Petrowitsch
Movie maker, Director and photographer,Munich, Germany
Adi Vajra Marino

There are many teachers and yogis who have lots of knowledge and experience, but few teachers embody the unconditional love and joy of God in the way that Swamiji does.

It is clear when you spend even a little time with him that he is a dear friend, a master, and a Guru.

His undeniable wisdom and warm compassion are deeply profound...

Adi Vajra Marino
Hood River, Oregon USA
Rosana Melo, Brazil

“SWAMI OMKARANANDA é um excelente professor… Eu aprendi muito com ele… neste Retiro em Rishikesh – INDIA… não somente sobre Meditação… mas também sobre VIDA… seus ensinamentos e exemplos durante as classes trouxeram-nos uma melhor consciência… de maneira que nós pudemos compreender melhor a nós mesmos… Muito obrigada S...

Rosana Melo
Crystal Borup

I feel very blessed to have met Swami Omkarananda and honored to have had the opportunity to learn from him. It's rare to find someone with his knowledge, experience and wisdom, along with an incredible sense of humor. But most importantly it's his heart that makes him so unique.

He radiates so much love and compassion. There are no words...

Crystal Borup
Yoga Teacher, Website Designer · Hood River, Oregon, USA
Alisha Hawrylyszyn, New York City,USA

“Swami Omkaranada provided me with the proper tools and guidance in order for me to discover my spiritual path. His warm presence and big heart shined upon each and every one of his students. I, like many, am forever grateful to have worked with such an enlightened soul.”

Alisha Hawrylyszyn
New York City,USA
Fernanda, from Nicaragua

“On August 2012, I had the great opportunity of meting Swami Omkarananda, the little great man. Through his teachings of meditation and introspection, I was able to start knowing myself and start learning to live in the present moment. I am more than greatful to you Swami Omkarananda, for being such a great friend through this process.”

from Nicaragua
Joyce Guimaraes

It’s very difficult to write about that I felt when I was with Swami Omkarananda, his knowledge and teachings will go through our soul. I learnd very much and many things about myself –  he made me see inside when we praticed meditation. Meditating with his orientation was anincredible experience.

Not only meditation but t...

Joyce Guimaraes
Jaraguá do Sul, Brazil

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Tapasyalayam –  Centre for Meditation and Applied Spirituality. Through meditation and other spiritual practices, Tapasyalayam aims to correlate our ancient wisdom with modern science and thus create spiritual innovation in our day to day life.

Considering the busy life one has to live in the present world of rapid technological inventions, Tapasyalayam aims to emphasize upon innovating the ancient wisdom and make it relevant. Thus, bringing the benefits of our ancient wisdom practices to the modern day life in a practical way and harmonise our lives and prepare us for the modern day challenges and make our life meaningful/purposeful.

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